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Review of Wesfab Construction


Bob and Barbara Day

After interviewing four local Graeagle General Contractors, we selected Wesley Boyd of Wesfab Construction to build our custom designed home on our family Graeagle CA lot.  The choice of the lead for our project was simple, Wes immediately “got” the vision we were looking for in our new home and immediately became a partner to ensure our objectives were translated into reality.  Wes Boyd brought to bear the best builders and subcontractors in the area to ensure that our custom design achieved or exceeded our expectations.  The Wesfab work crew proved to be master builders with an eye for excelling at each element of the construction effort; there were very few times when our review of an element of construction required a suggested alternative since we were always consulted in advance of the effort to ensure that our input was fully considered and, in most cases, fully implemented where viable.

Building in the 2021 to 2022 economic environment was challenging due to constant changes in material prices, supply chain, and COVID issues; Wes Boyd took all these factors into account and guided the build to achieve the most budget conscious results.  The partnership between Wes Boyd and the owners fully evolved through open and transparent communication that ensured that there were never any surprises along the way despite the always evolving “situations” caused by weather, supply chain, and the realities of building a new design.  Wes and his crew welcomed our constant presence on-site since we lived next door to the build location; many others would have considered this a nuisance, but Wesfab viewed the situation as a positive in that a fully collaborative process could be achieved without relying on constant e-mails and phone calls.

The end result of the collaboration has been exceptional.  We absolutely love the quality of the work meticulously completed, the attention to detail from not only the builders but each of the subcontractors that Wes Boyd brought to bear on the project, and that fact that we were able to achieve the result under the original budget despite the constant economic challenges experienced during the build.  Throughout the build process, Graeagle residents and visitors would frequently stop by and walk through the build site and comment on how beautiful the design was and how well it was being executed by Wesfab.  We are extremely glad that we chose Wes Boyd and his team to execute our vision and would highly recommend his collaborative approach to helping homeowners achieve their objectives.  We are proud to show the work that the Wesfab team has achieved in our new home….call Wes and setup a time to come see excellence.


Bob and Barbara Day